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September 05, 2011

Over the summer a few of the original team members, and few new team members have re-created the experience found in Subsonic. With new levels, new gadgets, and a fresh new look, check out our new game SONAR at:

Subsonic IGC 2011 Finalists

January 20, 2010

Subsonic has been officially announced as an Indie Game Challenge finalist! This is a very exciting time for everyone on the team and a great accomplishment. Check us out on the IGC 2011 finalists page.

Indie Game Challenge - Subsonic


Genre - Action Puzzler

Subsonic is a stealth-action puzzle game set in a 60s spytech world. Players assume the role of an agent of Subsonic Incorporated, a cohert mercenary contracting company that specializes in sound-based technology. Agents of Subsonic Inc. wear sound-vision goggles and have a sound gun, which can be used to create remote distractions for guards, fire shockwaves that can shatter glass, or silence their footsteps. The player's ultimate goal is to make their way to an objective, and make it out of the area without getting captured.

Sean Middleditch - Tech Director, Tools

Jason Nollan - Graphics, Visual Effects

Nick Paavo - Producer, Physics, Audio, Levels, Videos

Shawn Pearce - Game Designer, AI, Game Logic